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"The purpose of life is to share our gifts."

~Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

"What are your rates?"
In the spirit of the Gift Economy, I joyfully offer my services as a gift. I believe that more people receiving high quality massage therapy is one way to bring about a positive change in our world. I'm privileged to have access to advanced massage therapy training and I've been blessed with excellent skills as a massage therapist.
It brings me joy and fulfillment to share my gifts, especially with those who traditionally haven't felt that massage therapy is accessible to them. 

"So how does it work?"

In the same way that I want to contribute to others' well-being so our community can thrive, I trust that others want to help me continue to thrive while operating my business in this model. I believe there is enough abundance in our world to rebirth a culture & society based on mutual support and regenerative care.


In lieu of having a set rate per hour, I joyfully receive any amount of money that the client feels good about giving. Not all clients will be able to pay a typical amount of money for a session. That is anticipated and totally great. I trust that whatever is given is offered out of generosity and abundance within each client's unique situation.

My goal is for clients to feel awesome, both in their bodies and in regards to how much they are able to give.


While I'm open to receiving any amount, I do want to consistently practice money changing hands. This is not about demonizing money, but about creating a new relationship with money, and ultimately a new kind of culture with one another. I'm open to non-money gifts, but that is not my primary desire for how I want to run the practice.

I do have a late cancellation/reschedule fee of $25 as my one money-related boundary, which will help keep this business sustainable so that everyone can continue to benefit from it.

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